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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Edible Garden

Rosalind Creasy Event - Sunday, Oct. 25th

The Sacramento Chapter of APLD (Association for Professional Landscape Designers) invites you to a delightful event, where you will learn about a new way to garden from garden writer, Rosalind Creasy (...well, not really new, but probably new to most of us), have a great lunch, check out unique garden vendors and mingle with kindred spirits! It looks like a great day! To find out here.

What a Difference a Can of Spray Paint Can Make!

I have a new post up on, a fun site I'm lucky enough to participate in. The post was written in July, at which time I was a-waiting scarlet runner beans. They never did really make it. Only, sort of...should have planted earlier! This picture here is my sister's chaise project.