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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gardening with Kids

Kids in the garden are all different: some will like the bugs, some will ooh and aah over the flowers, some want to run the paths. (All would probably like to ride on a tractor!!!)

Ben's Salamander 

My mom was a dance teacher, my dad was a backyard farmer. Guess what a couple of my favorite activities are??? When you love something, you want to pass that interest on to your kids. It doesn't always happen immediately, sometimes, never, and that's ok, too. Maybe that seed (groan) will germinate at a later date.

Cherry tomatoes ripen in MY garden

Last month I got the opportunity to hang out with Guy and Jodie  from Channel 10's, Sac and Co. From their website: "Garden designer and owner of Geno's Garden Design and Coaching, Jeannie Hanson, shares some tips with hosts Guy and Jodie on how to create beautiful flowers and memories with your kids:"

Remember: keep it simple, be relaxed and expect surprises!

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