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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is for Planting

Fall is the season for planting most everything, especially in the Sacramento Valley where there's a long growing season. When plants newly get plopped into that hole you've prepared, the roots that bring in water and minerals and oxygen (so the plant can breathe) still have the shape of their old container. They dry out faster and can't really do their job to anchor the plant. Planting now allows the roots to get integrated into your soil before the low temps of winter settle in...trees (which soon will be in nurseries showing their fall color), new or reseeded lawns, shrubs, perennials, fall bulbs...can get a head start and by spring will be ready to take off. So, now is really the time! If you need some help, re-designing your garden or planting those bulbs or shrubs, send me an email.
Jeannie (Geno herself)

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