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Monday, July 05, 2010

About Town with Geno's Garden: Orange you glad I'm so spectacular?

Today's subject: the color orange. I like my orange-bloomers (ahem) but lately find my attention being drawn to orange houses. In Sacramento's McKinley Park, that's not difficult, orange seems to be the hot color trend. Sometimes it's bold, sometimes subdued, oftentimes Mediterranean, but, never boring. Here's my first ever YouTube video (excuse the photo quality) of my orange flowers and some of the houses I spotted today.

To watch Garden Gate Magazine's slide show on using orange in your garden, Click Here!

I find orange to be up to the task of enlivening our heat stressed gardens in the middle of summer when everything starts looking bleached out. Then, too, for some reason they seem to flower in summer and fall, which makes it convenient. Here are a few other orange bloomers (ahem) you might try: persimmon, canna tropicana, hibiscus, crocrosmia, cape honeysuckle, tiger lily, ca poppies, aesclepius, chasmanthe.

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