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Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Tree for Sacramento Landscapes

Koelreuteria paniculata, California Rain Tree
Origin: China, Japan
Character: slightly open structure, with a broad, dome-shaped canopy.
Growth Habit: moderate fast, grows to 35' by 30 - 35'
Uses: accent, lawn tree, shade tree, street tree
Description: eliptically shaped leaves are pinately compound, with leaflets approx 1 - 2" and entire leaf, 12". The compound leaves are alternately arranged on branches. The margins are coarsely serrated. Medium dark leaves turn yellow-orange in the fall. Large showy yellow panicles in the early to midsummer are followed by red - buff papery seed capsules in the fall.
Environmental Preferences: Prefers moist soil, and partial/filtered  to full sun.. Can take drought once established, smog, heat, wind and seacoast conditions.
Cold Hardiness: hardy, Sunset zones 2 - 21
Propagation: seed, semi-hardwood cuttings
Comments: deep roots make this a good choice for planting in a lawn or as a street tree, while fall color and showy flowers make it a great accent tree. This tree is available thru the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

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