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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: the Desert Botanical Garden!

this bug is 7 feet tall and long, 3 feet high
Lady Bug Sculpture


We're in Phoenix visiting the Desert Botanical Garden. For this California girl, it's like being on the moon...

Map of the Sonoran Desert

All manner of cactus and other desert plants ...
Yucca brevifolia, Joshua Treeso many cacti, what are these!?
Stenocereus thurberi, Organ Pipe Cactus Cylindropuntia fulgida - rumour has it the Jumping Cholla attacks unsuspecting hikers who venture too near

...and. of course, the Saguaro (which I finally learned how to pronounce!),

good signage

This Carnegiea gigantea has arms and crested growth ... Saguaros usually only have armsThe Akimel and Tohono O’odham have harvested Saguara fruit for centuries and still do today

25' long ants invade the Saguaro forestI love simple educational signs

There's even a monarch butterfly exhibit. (But we Californians have our own overwintering spot at Pacific Grove. It's the best! Go California!)

Monarch butterfly visits a Tecoma stans (Yellow Bells)

Time to leave ...
this dragon fly is 17' long and wide, 1' in diameter
Dragon Fly Sculpture

Good Bye!

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