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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking for Curb Appeal in East Sac's a Tuesday and I'm in the mood for a little drive and snap. This house has a nice mix of hardscape and plant material.

Is this fence simply dog-earred boards turned sideways? Whatever, I like it. Has a sort of modern feeling that would look nice with mid-century or urban architecture. Would give a bit of zip to ranch style houses, too.

wooden fence

This bamboo border catches my eye. It adds a airy privacy screen to the side yard..

This isn't a great photo, but perhaps you can see what made me go whoa!

Here's a closer view, and a better shot. Lots of native plants in this mixed border.

Even though it's unlikely anyone will be sitting outside on this cold day, it tells me that the homeowners here like to enjoy their neighborhood. I think we should all bring chairs out to our front yards! Yeah!

Here's another family adding life to their neighborhood with their bar-b-que, patio chairs and table, and themselves (although, not today!). I think our old-style neighborhoods are too sedate. If the front yards are just lawn, a shade tree and some foundation plants and all the activitity is in the back yard, it's just too boring out front. Edible front yard gardening, dining or wildlife viewing patios, fun plantings, a place to toss a ball ... all add to the shared pleasure of one's community.

Leaving East Sac via the H Street underpass. Great stand of Euryops - unsung reliable shrub that blooms and blooms and blooms.

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