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Friday, June 01, 2012

Hardscaping Your Lawn-Free Garden

Episode 3: "What-To-Grow-Instead-Of-A-Lawn"

What's going to be planted, you ask. Well, we're not ready to think about that yet. Start with how do I want to use this space? And, then, consider hardscaping ... paths, sitting areas, retaining walls, water features, trellises. These come first! Here are some ideas:

Wide, generous steps make a clear path to the front door, with an invitation to sit and visit along the way.

Native grasses don't have the mowing needs of our traditional lawns. This path looks deliciously wild as it leads to a dry-stacked flagstone bench.

For the recycler, an urbanite (broken and reused concrete) makes not only a great pathway material, but a satisfying one, too! This is a nice look for a casual path.

A graceful walkway gives a bit of polish to this young garden. Doesn't that warm color give it some punch?

Old concrete can be pretty unappetizing, but new concrete, like these pavers with their salt finish and plantings are quite the thing!

It is ok to get creative with your materials!

 Have fun planning your new lawn-free garden!

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  1. Hardscapes refer to all types of landscape masonry work. We build patios, walls, steps, and walkways from a wide variety of materials. We put our years of experience to work to design and build beautiful hardscapes. We collaborate with you while designing your project, and the final product is a result of thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship. Request a consultation today.

  2. OGradys is way far away ... in Virginia or someplace like that ... but beautiful pictures and lovely work!

  3. Great post! I've been experimenting in my backyard with some hardscapes but its been fairly tricky so far. I miss my flat lawn in Cedar Rapids IA. No hardscapes! Thanks again.