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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

For the Love of Summer Flowers

I usually will tell people they shouldn't plant flowers (trees, shrubs, whatever) in the summer. Certainly not in Sacramento! I mean really! Poor little rootlets likely won't get enough water. The plants will struggle and die. Use common sense, wait 'til the cooler weather. Yep, that's what I preach.

Sweet sitting spot in the Nichols Garden, as seen on the Fling
But ... ahhh ... sigh ... how come I don't care? Why do I keep heading to the nurseries? It's largely because a month ago I spent 4 wonderful days in the bay area (San Francisco) with 70 other garden bloggers (U.S., Canada and England) at the 6th Annual Garden Bloggers Fling, and, I'm too inspired to stop!

My little Black-eyed Susie
Also ... my perennials (like this Black-eyed Susan) are back better than ever and they want company! Why do I keep buying plants? It's cuz I've got the fever. I can't help it!

Last summer my husband and I drove up to Oregon to visit the middle chicklet. She lives in S.E. Portland which has a marvelous mix of old houses and gardens, some wild, some tended. Beautiful flowers everywhere ...

... in  the forests near Mount St. Helen's ...

Overflowing Border in Cannon Beach, Or.
... and along the  Oregon coast, where gardens have an easier time in the heat of August than those in our Sacramento Valley. Sigh. Envy. Seeing the gardens of the Pacific Northwest,  I had decided we should settle for less in Sacramento.  But, Nope!  I've got the fever. I can't help it!

The lessons I have learned this summer and am now willing to share are that if you are going to be dumb and try to plant in the summer, try to use gallon plants - they have a stronger root base. Also, get them in the ground quick! After that, water them carefully as their root base is still small, and, guard them as carefully as a baby in the sun (that is to say, create some artificial shade when it's a scorcher!).

The other lesson - and the most important one -  is there's beauty to be had. Why wait?!? If you include spring, gardens in our area can give us pleasure and contentment for most of the year . Stick your neck out. Dare to blow it. Just don't blame me. I've got the fever. I can't help it!

Daylilies and Daisies - My Sacramento Garden
On a serious note, I am a trained and qualified Green Gardener. There are plants that work in our climate. Try to use them!!!! 

 I know I've been absent on my blog ... you've probably gotten discouraged from even stopping by. But, do keep an eye out this month. because I'll be posting stories about all the wonderful, outrageous and inspiring gardens we Flingers visited last month. Jeannie
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  1. I know how you feel. I bought a lot of plants this spring and early summer, but a lot of them are still waiting on my patio to be put in the ground. I just don't want to take a chance on them dying, even though I'm watering. They'll have a much better chance if I wait till the fall rains come back. I did get the majority of them in the ground, but I ran out of time.

    I hope to see more posts from you about the Fling. It was so much fun, and reading others' takes on it prolongs the fun.

  2. Oh, I'm the same way after the Fling! I want to buy plants and re-do garden areas and ... For us, it's 105 so I'm gonna wait. So glad to have met you at Fling!

  3. Up here in the PNW cool side of the mountains we can plant nearly year round, but still have to mind the watering. Of course if we are having a heat wave I try to hold off until it cools down in a few days. I imagine you don't get that luxury though!

    That plant fever though, that's a tough one to get over. I have a ton of plants waiting to go in the ground still. I keep telling myself, no more plants until they are planted. Do I listen. Let me know if you find a cure. Although I may not want to take it!