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Friday, March 21, 2014

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

My friend, Darlene, and I headed to the Bay Area yesterday for the SF Flower and Garden Show. This guy from the Lyngso Garden Materials was there to greet everyone!

My favorite display garden was created by Jim Grandy, the Bamboo Man. Sometimes in a convention center it's hard to get good photos and this small piece of his is the best I have. But, did he have Japanese tea houses!!! If I ever get the opportunity to design a Japanese dream garden, I know where to get the real deal. He's located in Washington, but says he travels, and delivers...

I was intrigued by this (as the sign says), Coral Fountain. Long rush-like arching branches with pretty dark red tubular flowers ... seems like it would be perfect for some special spot, although not sure what spot that might be! This was in a garden created by students from U. of Arizona in Phoenix.

New Leaf Landscaping, from Santa Rosa seriously mastered the natural water cycle ... permeable pavers, rain gardens, gray water recycling thru the garden and these cool containers that capture roof rainwater (not that we have any!) via the gutter downspouts.

Ok ... what is this? A big walk-thru orb made of old has-been grape vines. Want one? Contact Terra Ferma Landscapes in San Francisco.

This was my favorite new flower ... Limnanthes douglasii, or Meadow Foam. Full and "blousey", and a California native as well! Turns out Annie's Annuals in Richmond sells it! Oooooh .

Besides all the show gardens and vendors, there is an impressive program of seminars. Darlene learned how to care for her tools, and I attended a Pinterest workshop!  If I were returning tomorrow, I'd spend the day in their "Eco-Friendly Track" classroom... learning about how to lose the lawn, plant natives, attract birds, butterflies and other backyard wildlife. Cuz, that's what I like ... that's what I do ... 

If you have a hankering to head there this weekend, the show will continue thru Sunday at the San Mateo Event Center, Find out more, order tickets here.
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  1. Looks like you had a great time at the show! Do you plan to participate next time?

    It was fun meeting you yesterday Jeannie!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Karen! I did a couple of garden show displays back in '10 and '11. Lots of work and I learned a lot, especially that I could do it, but don't plan to jump back in that frying pan soon. J
    I enjoyed meeting you, too and plan to get inspired by you!