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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to the Redwood Barn

...back to the vets in Davis (wah!), a side trip to the nursery (yea!)...more pictures of those charming outhouses for tools! I love the details...the middle house comes with an extra pie tin for the new owner so they can create their own design.
I love the unique features, like this moon......and this handle.

Only a little weathered card tells about who made them...Urban Forest Products...a father and son creating functional art from recycled materials in Davis and the Yolo County Dump.


  1. Just love them all! I have been looking for an 'outhouse' for my backyard. Great to use for tools.

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    OMG, I LOVE those! And, ironically, I'd like to include them in a book review I have been planning on forever. I will research. THANK YOU!

  3. Hi Tina...thanks for coming by. I love 'em, too!

  4. would seem that what brings one person joy, brings a lot of other people joy, too! I'll be on the outlook for that review.