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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Visit to the BBC Gardener's World

photo from BBC Gardening
I love buying gardening magazines, especially ones from other countries! So, imagine my thrill finding one of the blokes from the BBC Gardener's World mag talking about taking hardwood cuttings on their T.V. show.
Here it is, Rose Multiplication!


  1. Jeannie, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm interested to see gardening life in California through your blog, as I also garden and in fact got into my Scotland blog through my allotment garden blog. Interesting that you can watch BBC Gardeners' World in the USA. I haven't seen much of it recently, and still lament the departure of Monty Don, the previous presenter. He's written great gardening books - do you know them?

  2. Hi! I had never seen it before...only knew all those people from the magazines...and then found that link. I was in heaven. The BBC mags are different than ours. We have some community gardens but not many and they're not focused on, where you have the allotment tradition. They also focus on wildlife more...birds, bugs, beetles...even mistletoe...all the stuff we plant lovers find fascinating.
    By the way, I loved the picture of the green funky allotmnet hut in recent post.

  3. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I love taking cuttings to expand my plant collection, but I've always done soft wood cuttings. Thanks for linking to this article, I'd love to learn how to do hardwood cuttings as well.

  4. me, too! I did a lab on this in my plant propagation class, but these instructions are so simple, what's to stop us!?! Good luck, Jeannie

  5. Sorrry to anyone looking to view this video. Seems they don't keep them available forever! What's up with that?!?
    But, if you click on the link under the picture, you'll get some text. But...for how long? hmmm