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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Curb Appeal, part 3

This post ends my 3 part series on curb appeal, where I've had the opportunity to explore what I like! My DIY Curb Appeal article is currently featured on Houzz ...check it out! You'll love their website!

Carole's no-lawn front yardMy friend, Carole and her husband, Chris, did this landscaping project themselves...they removed lawn, brought in drought tolerant plants and stepping stones leading up to that great front door. This picture was featured in the Roseville News in an article on their cash for lawns program...a program replicated in Los Angeles and Arizona, where residents are paid to remove their lawn and replace the water-hogging grass with less thirsty plant materials. Carole did this project on her own...she's a no-lawn pioneer!

This front porch belongs to Anna, a Twitter friend, who responded to my request for inviting entryway pictures with a link to her blog, Flower Garden Girl. If there were a game show called "Curb Appeal," where homes were rated in terms of how quickly players hit the red button, homes with big, comfy porches would win, hands down!

Also from Anna's blog, this lovely front porch. When you visit her site, click on "impressive entryways" for a whole catalog of entryway ideas.

a restaurant patio in Los Feliz
In the city of Los Angeles, there are many charming, funky, unique homes and buildings that just delight me...with rich colors and gates, succulents, and wonderful views. Growing up in the flatlands of the L.A. suburbs, I didn't know this side of L.A. existed. But, now I do....

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  1. I'm loving this series--please continue! Trying to decide on a new front door color.....

  2. Hi! I find that a good choice is using one of the color combinations found with the color wheel, your know, secondary colors or, complementary colors (I always get confused on which are which...) and then punch it up a bit, a bit less grayed, a bit more saturated and intense. I'd love to see a picture of your before and after. Also, have you checked out I really like this site, and did a curb appeal feature there, too. :)

  3. Hi,
    I discovered your blog because you visited mine.
    Gorgeous stuff! So you are also in LA? Maybe we will meet some day.

    Anna "FlowerGardenGal" is a wondervul blogger to know, her porch is so welcoming.

    I will return to your blog.
    Shirley Bovshow

  4. Your friends did a great job in paving such an inviting path to their front door. Nice mix of colors. Happy blogging!

  5. Thanks Avis...I'll let them know they're work is getting appreciated!
    And,Shirley, it's a pleasure to have you visit! I admire your work a lot. I grew up in Alhambra & San Gabriel, but now live in Sacramento. However, 2 of my chicklets live down your way, so now I'm down there hovering and cluckin.

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