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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall Veg Gardening and Giveaway

flickr photo of philliecasablanca
This summer I helped 6 people plant summer veg gardens, and as such, I'm the stepmother to 42 tomato plants! This fall I'm encouraging people to extend their edible garden season by planting a fall-season garden. There are obstacles to anything...the growing window is short (the project must be done before it freezes), there's the soggy ground one must travel to get to the plot. I, myself, haven't been the queen of the fall garden. In our long Sacramento growing season, by October or November, I sometimes feel like yelling out to the veg bed, "enuf! we're done here!" Nevertheless, I plan to start, again...
...carrots for sure, and, perhaps this exotic artichoke...yummy to eat and a beautiful ornamental for the garden.

For my article at GalTime on this subject AND a great seed giveaway, click here!

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