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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January at Geno's Garden

I'll be on the tele Thursday morning (January 14th), showing Melissa and Guy of Channel 10's Sac & Co. the basics of pruning roses!
my Ballerina Rose
I'm also going to get busy and have a new post up on this subject by Thursday with more details of rose care, so come by and check it out, and watch the show! (Thursday, Channel 10, 9 - 10 am.)

Then, January 25th I'll be giving a talk at the Auburn Garden Club on Succulents. I hope to have a preview copy of Debra Lee Baldwin's, Succulent Container Gardens to show everyone, as well as some show and tell from my collection and from an unnamed (unarranged!) local nursery. Additionally, we'll be making a topiary succulent heart, materials courtesy of Topiary Art Works.
succulent heart
(This one will be part of the plant they're sending us the supplies for the other ... whoohoo!!!)

Hopefully there will be some blogging about winter chores (oh fun) and perhaps an idle hour browsing thru a garden catalog or two, or walking thru the woods. OK, we don't have woods in Sacramento, but maybe we can get over to my favorite garden at William Land Park, Daisy Mah's WPA Rock Garden, a continual source of pleasure and inspiration.

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