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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geno's Garden Facebook Fan Giveaway!

Win a beautiful succulent wreath!

Topiary Artworks is a great company whose work has been featured at places like Disney World and Rockefeller Center.

They make everything from large dinosaurs...

to 3" kissing balls...

to this gorgeous, 13" heart wreath!

They have donated this beautiful succulent wreath and I want a fan to win it. Here's how: Become a fan on my Geno's Garden Facebook Fan Page and make a comment on the giveaway post. Winner need not be present to win, but must be able to get their prize in person in Sacramento (or some other acceptable and workable location).

Obama family's new puppy

Good Luck and Woof!

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  1. The topiary artwork is really beautiful. I like the dinosaur. Where is the company located?

  2. Hi Red Studio (Lynn, ahem). Topiary Artwork is in Kansas. Big company, impressive. Ck it out...
    Tyra, thanks for the visit. You know, I love your website. Showed my husband your greenhouse in winter and he was amazed. He got to visit Stockholm many times for a global technology competition. I went once. Had dinner in that fancy hall at City Hall. whoo whoo.

  3. Sandy Reinhold of Fair Oaks, CA won the wreath. Her husband said, oh, it's just going to be something dippy, and she said, "Oh no, it's something great!" And, she was right!

  4. Ahhh Be still my chicky heart....Lovely! Pamie G.

    Happy Gardening!