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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mailboxes and EarthBoxes - Garden Shopping Online Adventures

a mailbox I fancied
I'm pretty excited...I was contacted by CSN, a company that represents 200+ online stores. As part of a promotional campaign, they offered to let me try a product from one of their stores. Yea me! I spent a bit of time looking around. In addition to a wide variety of home goods, they've also got lots of outdoor furniture, tools, even, mailboxes (now, there's an idea...our mailbox came with our house, 21 years ago ... LOL!

my vintage mailbox!
(Maybe time for a replacement, heh?). Did I say I like funky? Well, I could have one like the photo I snapped at the top...and get the mailbox from these guys to go with it, little flag and all!

Back to the CSN Stores, I went BINGO when I saw the EarthBoxes! I became fascinated with them in September '08, when Google highlighted stories of their 1st 10 years, including the 100 EarthBoxes they used to grow produce from around the world for their employee dining room. I blogged about the EarthBoxes in my children's gardening blog, Garden Sprouts, but have never used one. Are they revolutionary or just an unnecessary expense? Could they be useful in specialty situations, like school gardens (always the problem of how to take care of warm weather edibles when school is out) or gardens for the elderly?

click here for more EarthBox Harvest photos

Can they help balcony gardeners with limited water access grow these!?!
Well...I shall now get to see for myself! Yea, and thank you CSN!

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  1. I think I deleted this comment by mistake, so I'm pasting it in.

    Fern @ Life on the Balcony has left a new comment on your post "Mailboxes and EarthBoxes - Garden Shopping Online ...":

    Not to self-promote, but I'll be publishing a guest post by Pam Baxter tomorrow about her experience with EarthBoxes. Like you, I'm really intrigued by the possibility of growing more produce from less space.

    As an aside, why is it that when people say "Not to ________" they are always about to do do whatever it is they said they didn't want to do? ;-)

  2. and now a comment from "me"
    Hi Fern...I'll be looking forward to reading it...and to playing with my own.Check out Fern's blog at It's great! Jeannie

  3. I really like the Earthbox idea. It would be great to use in areas (like El Dorado Hills) with poor soil. Let me know what happens in the test run. What are you going to grow?