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Thursday, September 02, 2010

About L.A. Town with Geno's Garden

I just got back from L.A., and, except for the worst return trip ever (in 110 degree weather, my car overheats and I have to turn off the A/C!), I had a great time visiting my daughters and exploring the city. L.A.,'s a city I think I should hate, but which I find invigorating and full of surprises! Here's one neighborhood you'll love: Sunset Junction.
Sunset Junction
Sunset Junction in Silverlake is  fun and funky ... about 3 blocks with plenty of good food and interesting shops.

The Wall by Arnaud
At one end, a vertical garden at the Natural Mind Beauty Salon. It was fun checking it out. Some plants have fared well in one spot, but not so well in another...probably uneven irrigation. There were even a few weeds (!), just like "real" gardens!

The plants are irrigated with the gray water from the salon . Here's a close-up of the underbase materials. The installation was inspired by the vertical garden master, Patrick Blanc.

Across the street, the Casbah Cafe, eat inside or out at the bistro tables. Great food, and a little shop in the back.I dream about their food when I'm in Sacramento!

a cup of coffee from the Intellegencia?

This is my daughter, Liesel, she is a receptionist at the Silverlake Music Conservatory. When she moved to L.A., it was mostly because of this neighborhood. And, now, she's part of it! Tres chic-y groovy!

The Conservatory has great noise. When Liesel was a kid she sang in the children's chorus at Auburn's Music & More. I used to sit in the lobby and drink in all the discordant sounds coming from the practice rooms. Magic. This Conservatory is also a non-profit, raising money for music lessons for children that can't afford it.

 a hip outdoor restaurant,

and a deliciously stinky cheese shop!

Gilly's Flowers & Events has a boldness to it. I'm not too familiar with modern-style gardens but am drawn to them. Simple and clean like these arrangements...

phormium leaves
I would never have thought of phormium (New Zealand Flax) leaves, or the canna,

or stems of papyrus in a vase....

or, a bouquet of kale for a centerpiece, and  I'm encouraged to create some surprises of my own! Yes I am!

In this neighborhood there are all colors of houses (really bold yellows and magentas and greens), styles from Spanish to Greek to Mid-Century Modern ... not too many ranches (we have them all!). Lush gardens. They all seem to get along with each other just fine! I'm inspired to mix it up, become freer,  break away from conservative, safe choices. To have fun!

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