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Monday, January 03, 2011

California Incense Cedar

Flicker Photo Credit: col and tasha

Calocedrus decurrens - California Incense Cedar
Origin: Western Oregon to Baja, mountain ranges from elevations of 2500 - 4000'
Character: Upright, columnar to pyramidal evergreen tree. Solid structure when young, opens up with age. Dense with  a fine texture.
Growth Rate: moderate to rapid, up to 3' per year is common, ultimate height being 75 - 100' x 15 - 30'.
Foliage: medium to dark green scale-like needles form  flattened branchlets
Flowers, Fruits and Seeds: the Incense Cedar bears both male pollen flowers and small female cones.
Environmental Preferences: full to partial sun, regular moisture, partly drought tolerant because of deep tap root, needs good drainage
Uses: accent, screen, windbrake, lawn, shade, Christmas tree, cut foliage, furniture
Pests/Diseases: most problems come from poor drainage.
Propagation: seed, cuttings
Sunset Zones: 1-12. 14-24
Comments: wood prunings smell like pencils, attractive redish stems.

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