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Friday, January 28, 2011

To Cal Expo for the Home and Landscape Show!

Lest forget ... here's a 2 for 1 savings from the Sacramento Bee for this weekend's show!
Northern California Home and Landscape Show
I'm excited about this weekend's Northern California Home and Landscape Show. Having done a garden display for last year's inaugural, California State Flower and Garden Show, I have enormous appreciation of the work that goes into creating the landscape showcase gardens. Having cozied up with various merchants at the show, I know what it takes for them to arrive, set up, and involve their businesses in these ventures. I'm a backstage baby, I love knowing what goes on on the other side of the curtain!

Robert Walker Landscape Design

So, tomorrow I plan to attend. I won't see it all, cuz that wears me out, but I will see the 3 featured gardens and attend a couple of workshops. Absolutely! One of the garden displays will feature the parasoleil panels of my friend, Theodora of Living Green Landscape Design. Theodora and I worked together last year, and plan to encore that this year. I love her stuff! She's working with Roberta Walker who is known for her drought tolerant landscapes. (I'm also looking forward to Roberta's  talk at 4 o'clock, Lush Gardens Using Low Water.)  I'm eager to see Verde Creations' garden, as well, and its many water-wise features: "...drought tolerant plants to save water, permeable surfaces to recharge ground water and reduce run-off, and efficient irrigation practices." The third garden is by ProScapes Landscape and Design.Their design looks charming. That's all I can say so far! My final activity (or perhaps first, depending on what time I arrive) is Michael Glassman's talk at 2, Add Instant Curb Appeal, Focus on the Front Porch. Since I have a huge interest in revitalizing our front yards, especially in a "green" way, I'll be taking lots of notes, believe me! I don't think I'll be able to make it for this one, but, my other recommendation would be the Sacramento Bee's, Debbie Arrington's talk on roses, Sacramento Roses 101: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Great Roses.

That's my Saturday plan. Theodora's spending the night at my house (yea) so we'll be a-buzz about all things gardening. And, perhaps, a glass of wine, or two?

Spending next week pruning dormant roses ... gotta be done. Need any help with yours?

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