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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sacramento Valley Native Plant Garden Tour - 3/31

Here's an opportunity for those of you who are, or would like to be, California native plant gardeners ...a chance to see some of the best native gardens in Sacramento.
Gardens Gone Wild

My friend, Darlene, and I went last year and we loved it... sometimes because it was sooo amazing, sometimes because we got to say to each other, "I could do that better, (ahem)". It's this weekend, and you have to email to get a tour map, so act fast!

Event Info

The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society is having its second annual garden tour this Saturday. This is a free, self-guided tour through a number of native plant gardens and other landscapes in Sacramento and Yolo counties. Gardens will be comprised of at least 50% native plants.
What's special about California native plants? They are adapted to our soil and climate, and are easy to care for. A large number of native plants are naturally drought tolerant. They are unmatched in habitat value, attracting native birds, butterflies, and other forms of wildlife. And, as the gardens on the tour show, California native plants are beautiful; the gardens on the tour display a sense of place that is uniquely Californian.
The tour of home gardens landscaped with California native plants will be open to the public this Saturday March 31st, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Registrations are limited and required. To register for the 2012 Gardens Gone Native tour, email inquiries to Tara at You will receive a link to the registration form. Following registration, tour maps, garden addresses and other tour information will be sent out via email.

Some of my pictures from last year

native California grasses
... at the end of a native grass pathway, an artful bench

There are even Native Plant cookies!
 Casandra from the demonstration garden at the Old City Cemetary. Great hostess - great cookies!

Flannel bush at the demonstration garden, maybe the  best location to see fully grown natives. Great team of volunteers keep this garden in good shape!

urbanite path
Nice "urbanite" (old concrete) pathway thru this garden. As you can see, there are a few non-native mediterranean plants (lavender) mixed in. It's a great mix for our area!

Call me ... let's explore native gardening together!

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  1. Love your post! This sounds like a fun tour. California plants are my favorite.