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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ABC Wednesday: "I" is for IPM

ooh, ooh, ooh...10 more minutes to go...I have to choose. I think I'm going with something dull and academic, but which I think sounds's

Integrated Pest Management (or)


This year my green goal is to become more organic gardening friendly...IPM could help me with that, I'm sure, if I only understood it...I think I'll pass this off to a blogger I admire, a recent Master's Degree recipient from the UC Davis campus...I'm sure she had to digest it all.
Till then, however, here's the link to the program,

Whoops, 2 more minutes! PUBLISH!


  1. Well gosh, thanks!

    My understanding of IPM is that it combines many different types of pest management (hence the name "integrated). This can include releasing beneficial insects into your garden to eat the bad ones, setting out sticky traps, and even spraying chemicals when necessary.

    The point really is to understand that your plants and the pests live in a harmonious relationship. You will never be able to remove all pests, but you can learn how to manage them at acceptable levels.

    Does that help?

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