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Saturday, March 21, 2009

UCD Seminar: Backyard Edible Gardening

Here's something interesting...Saturday, April 25th from 9 - 2, Backyard Edible Gardening: Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden, a "one-day seminar designed as an overview on how to establish, maintain, and utilize the many benefits of a productive backyard edible garden."
The event is sponsored by UCD's Good Life Garden, an edible landscape project designed to teach and inspire, located on campus at the Robert Mondavi Institute of Food and Wine. I'm intrigued by this concept which recognizes the importance of vegetables to a "good life"; eggplants and radishes finally get their due! The website has details of all the crops grown on the campus site, even recipes.
But, back to the seminar. I want to go, how about you?

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