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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March, 2009

My forsythia is gloriously blooming in my front yard. So pretty, so yellow. They're not very exciting when they're out of bloom, but, at this time of year, they're a gardener's prize, a "wow...look at me!." I used to feel envious of gardens with these early blooming shrubs, but now I have my own. This one came from a neighbor who was propagating in his back yard. Maybe this year I'll try some cuttings, myself...they're suppose to be easy.
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  1. Hello! I think they are supposed to be easy to propagate...they grow very easily from root tips just tucked under the soil...They are fantastic each spring...I wish they had exfoliating bark for winter interest...Here in TN they have a fine fall leaf color. Not bad for a hedge or specimen. Gail

  2. Hi, Jeannie, I'm visiting at today's request from Carol of May Dreams Gardens,

    What a gorgeous forsythia! We can't grow them here in my part of Texas, so it's a treat to see them in pictures.

  3. Lovely Forsythia! Too bad I haven't got the space or the sunshine for one of those. It's nice to see what other gardeners in the Sac Valley are up to. Happy gardneing! Marion

  4. I have been missing forsythia each spring. We had these bushes at the house I grew up in on Long Island. Do they grow in full sun? I would love to add some to my backyard in Elk Grove.