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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday: "J" is for Junk!

Welcome to the weekly online collaboration known as ABC Wednesday! My choice for the letter "J" is Junk. These birdhouses were on display at last weekend's Perennial Plant Club Sale in Sacramento. Aren't they charming? The green roof was made from an old Doughboy pool liner!

My friend, Lynn, at Inside Red Studio is a garden designer and an artist who especially loves working with recycled materials.

Chain Reaction
Back last Fall, I posted a couple of items about these great these outhouse/tool huts made by a father and son in Davis out of wood scraps and junk found at the dump.

I really admire these artists' ability to take some ordinary and discarded thing and with imagination and creativity, turn it into art. It's really something.


  1. These items, made out of junk, have so much personality!

  2. Hi. They really do...and are really connected up with the person that made them. Most things I buy connect me with a factory, but these are uniquely the product of the artist!

  3. Oh, I remember these mini-sheds as I fell in love with them the first time you posted! Glad you posted a reminder. Those little bird houses are just too cute! I wonder if I could make something like that??

  4. Hi Katherine... The man who made these lives in Chester. I don't know if he even tries to sell them (maybe he tries a little bit), but was asked to bring them to the Spring plant sale. I'll have to find his card and will let you know. He was as charming as his bird houses...