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Monday, March 29, 2010

California Flower & Garden Show

California Days, Moroccan Nights
... your personal oasis

I've been working on my display garden for Sacramento's upcoming California Flower & Garden Show. I've never done this before - it's highly fun and challenging! Thought I'd share a bit with you. It's ALL ABOUT CHOICES ... choices about stone, plants, theme, boulders, pots, themes, layout, even, in my case, beds!

In my garden the key element is a place to lie down an read, take a nap, just "be." This is one bed that's available from the Antique Trove in Rocklin, an authentic carved Spanish bed. Not Moroccan, but certainly exotic!
Spanish Bed from Antique Trove
But then, here's a headboard and footer I could use...I'd just have to figure out how to create a way to attach it to some bed rails.
a genuine old bed

Then, my third choice...raiding my now-independent, on-her-own daughter's bedroom for what's left of her old bed! Do I go for the easy choice? You'll have to come to the show and visit my garden to see!
a couple of mattresses

The show runs from April 8 - 11th at Cal Expo. To find out more about the vendors, the speakers, visit the California Flower & Garden website, or the Facebook Fan Page, or both! Tomorrow I'll share some more about my Moroccan garden! Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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