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Monday, March 01, 2010

Do you know this Magnolia?

WPA Rock Garden, William Land Park

I took myself for a little stroll thru William Land Park's WPA Rock Garden on Saturday and, as always, saw so much that delighted me...

Magnolia x soulangeana?
I'm pretty sure this is a Saucer Magnolia, but which one? I know who to ask (Daisy), but do you know?

Leucojum aestivum
Around the bend I came upon one of my favorite bulbs. Who designed such a sweet plant with little green dots on each petal?!?

I use to volunteer at this garden and I'm thinking I'll start again. What a treat to spend a few hours a week in this bit of heaven.

Bulbine frutescens
This South African native is in a bit of a resting state. But that's ok, we can wait...

My last picture is still in my camera, waiting for me to figure out how to upload it up to this new computer...but let me tell you, it was a fragrant white-flowered climber that trailed amongst the shrubs and clambered up the dormant Red Horsechestnut. It was stunning. There I was..."I think this is an Evergreen Clematis...Clematis armandii!!!!" I had only seen lame, desicated versions of this before and wondered why anyone would bother. I wish I could post it right now! Darn!

There's so much beauty around, I know it's going to be a lovely spring!

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  1. I agree with whatever Daisy says it is.

  2. and I burst out laffin!