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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Designer Hits the OMG Moment!

Moving from design to reality, the further adventures of a garden show designer!

The day starts out with a call from Theodora of Living Green Design Solutions... she's at the stone yard and thinks she's found the perfect columns to support our totally keen, green, gorgeous copper-topped Moroccan pergola.
the legs of the metal structure will go into these hollow stone columns

Theodora's the distributor of these, and the reason I'm doing this show. I just love this product and so will you)
Parasoleil panels

By the end of the day, I'm facing the enormity of an empty hall...the work has yet to begin...
an empty hall except for piles of rocks and gravel and the beginings of an exhibit by my neighbor's the Nageles

The OMG moment...wish me luck! (Do you think my misspelled name's a bad omen? Geez...I'm a Hanson, not a Hansen!)
my exhibit?

The show runs from April 8 - 11th at Cal Expo. To find out more about the vendors, the speakers, visit the California Flower & Garden website, or the Facebook Fan Page, or both! Tomorrow I'll share some more about my Moroccan garden! Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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