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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Design...Gotta Have Some Rocks!

Prepping for the Garden Show

Many things I didn't know before we started this process of planning a garden show exhibit of them, you have to cover up the plant "cans". I'd never really paid attention to that, thought maybe we'd be actually planting our flowers and shrubs. No.

Some different methods are used, one of them, rocks, big ones. So I headed out to Mid Valley Rock to talk to Anna, the owner. The yard is impressive...all these rocks and I get to choose...
Mid Valley Rock yard

It's fun to pick out rocks. There are actually a lot of variations in color, shape, feel. This is the one I chose...lots of iron in it. I pretend it's from the Atlas Mountain region in Morocco, cuz of my theme, California Days, Moroccan Nights (does this sound like play?).
my boulders come from this pile's ledge stone from the same quarry. I'll be using it to create a dry wall (and hide those cans...).
ledge stones offer lots of possibilities

Anna told me her dad bought Mid Valley as a side business to the family business, Roundtree Rock & Garden. Both businesses are now run from the same office (Anna bought it from him when she was 21!). It's a no frills business, just lots and lots of rock and friendly service. I don't know about you, but I thought it was quite an adventure!

The show runs from April 8 - 11th at Cal Expo. To find out more about the vendors, the speakers, visit the California Flower & Garden website, or the Facebook Fan Page, or both! Tomorrow I'll share some more about my Moroccan garden! Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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