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Monday, June 28, 2010

About Town with Geno's Garden: DIY Ideas from the Fair Oaks Blvd. Nursery

I made a quick stop at the nursery on my way home. It was way too hot to linger, but I made a quick trip to see what I could see. They have always had some great clobbered together elements. In the middle of all that fine elegance they surprise you with concrete steps painted coral and lavender, or a homemade picket fence.

The fence is really simple and fun ... I think I could make one,

and I love this table. Is it made from a packing crate?

Here's an old picture of a hut they had awhile ago. I didn't see it today. I want it!

If you've never been to the nursery it is a treat. I worked there several years ago and people would routinely come by and soak in the beauty as if they were going to a park. In addition to a great selection of plants, they also have a wonderful gift shop. Check out their website for more info.

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