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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's June ... It's Daylily Time!

Daylily Days at Amador Flower Farm this weekend

Hemerocallis, from the Greek, hemera (day) + kallos (beauty)

daylilies in my garden, accented by another June bloomer, a shasta daisy named Becky
I love this plant, especially the older ones...the oranges and the yellows.

red daylilies in a mixed street border

But, sometimes bolder colors are called for, as in front of this brick wall dividing a lovely house and garden from a busy street.  A nice mix of red daylilies, crape myrtle, dietes (fortnight lily) and boulders (and queen palms in the background).

happy red daylilies
... a closer look

Daylilies are plentiful. You can easily populate your garden with these day beauties (were you paying attention to the greek translation at the top?) with plants from your gardening friends, as these plants multiply each year and eventually need to be divided. Your friends will be happy to share, especially if you bring over your own spading fork or shovel and help do the work! That's how I feel about it, and I have a bed that needs dividing, ahem...

Back to my Sunset Garden book, "When clumps become crowded (usually after 3 to 6 years), divide them in fall or early spring in hot-summer areas, during summer in cool-summer regions or where growing season is short."

a crowded daylily bed
here's a bed that needs some attention ...

a double orange daylily
and, here's one of the beauties in that bed that I plan to snab for myself!

The daylily is popular, thus much activity on the part of the breeders, resulting in a myriad of sizes, colors, variegation. According to my Sunset Western Garden Book, "New hybrids appear in such numbers that no book can keep up. To get the ones you want, visit daylily specialists, buy plants in bloom at your local nursery, or study catalogues." Now's the time for such shopping/research. Amador Flower Farm is holding its 14th annual Daylily Days this weekend ... Saturday and Sunday, June 26th and 27th from 9 am to 4 pm. Food, tram rides, drawings, and ...

a million flowers in bloom!

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