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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting to Know Your Evergreen Trees

clockwise from upper left, CA State Capitol Xmas tree, Corado Blue Spruce, Old Town Sacramento Holiday tree, Sequoia sempervirens
Merry Christmas, Sacramento Style

Winter is a great time to get to know your evergreens. The deciduous trees have lost their leaves and no longer distract the eye with all those messy details, like, spring flowers and summer fruits and colorful leaves in the fall. Perhaps this can be the year when you stop calling all the trees remaining, "Pine Trees". The differences may not be as apparent as with their deciduous brethren, but they are there. And, while you may not be a "Hort Nut" (someone who is crazy about plants), it's wise to know some evergreen basics ... such as how tall and wide they'll get, and whether they like lots of sun. Knowledge is Power! Thus I'm starting a series of posts on the most popular/successful trees for the Sacramento Valley. Stay tuned!
Tonight: Sequoia sempervirens, aka, Coast Redwood.

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