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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Plant Now for Spring Daffodils

Flickr photo credit: PresleyJesus

Narcissus species, Daffodil. Narcissus, Jonquil
Origin: Europe and North Africa
Character: somewhat open clump.
Growth Habit/Size: typically up to 18", with flower up to 24". Are permanent and increase from year to year. If clumps get too large, they should be divided so that they will continue to be productive (otherwise too much competition for space and food and start dying out.)
Leaf and Flower Description: leaves are strap-like and fleshy to the touch. You can usually feel the mid-rib. Can have a variety of color combinations with the 2 main parts of the flower. Bulbs are 2 - 3" in diameter, tapering at the shoot end ("this end up"). Plant 5 - 6" deep and best planted after weather cools off in the fall.
Environmental Preferences: preferably full sun while blooming, not fussy about soil, Do not need summer watering.
Sunset Zones: all 
Propagation: division
Comments: Daffodils produce vegetative growth in the winter and flower in late winter or early spring. Spent flowers can be cut back, but leaves should be allowed to die back before removal so they can do their job of replenishing the bulb's food supply for the next year. Feed after flowering, not before (or may just get green leaves and no flowers). Deer (supposedly) do not like daffodils.

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