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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Call: Fall-Planted Bulbs

I love the expression, "last call", makes me want to work in a bar and holler it out! Other than that (ahem) it's time to plant the spring-blooming bulbs. They're ready to go to work! Here are some choices:

daffodil bulbs
These big bags of daffs are such a bargain. Plant them about 6" deep. Now.
(Read more about daffs here)

Commonly known as squill or bluebells, scilla are a bit iffy for our zone, preferring a colder winter. I suspect this one is S. siberica.

Crocus vernus
Plant these crocus for a quick reward of color ... per Sunset's Western Garden Book, the flowers will appear in days to weeks after planting!

a little bulb ready to go to work!
This muscari bulb needs some moisture from the soil to really fire up that little shoot.

Hyacinthoides hispanica
Spanish Bluebells blooming last April at the WPA Rock Garden in William Land Park. Gorgeous, and they like us!

Other bulbs that you can plant now, include aliums (ornamental onions), lily-of-the-valley, freesia, fritallaria, iris and the cute snowflakes with the green dot on each petal(leucojum). It's late in the game to be ordering from bulb companies, so see what the nurseries have on their racks.

What else can be planted, now that you're in the mood? Snapdragons, violas, pansies, primrose, cyclamen... take a look around the nurseries and see what's available, most anything you find will work. Nurseries stock up for the season at hand. While you're at it, throw some California Poppy seeds out there ...
Eschscholzia californica
Our own state flower was a great choice for California ... sunny, boldly colored, hardy, prolific, just like us!

If you'd like some help getting those bulbs planted, let me know, I'm available to help you or some lucky person who picks you for the gift exchange! Whether you need garden design, coaching, seasonal maintenance or planting, Geno's Garden can help!
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  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Bulbs and seeds done! This year I feel a bit more organized...,and, I happened on a great 'last call' deal on bulbs at True Value this Fall. A lunch bag sized bag of daff bulbs for 14.99. The first one had 54 in it and when I went back for more the next one held 72. Either they were smaller or I really crammed them in that time.
    Now, where have you put all these bulbs and how do you remember not to dig in plants over top?

  2. Some of my bulbs have gone in other people's gardens ... but the rest I better get into my garden, pronto! "LAST CALL!"
    I like bamboo skewers for reminders ... plus think a squirrel might be deterred (wishful thinking!)