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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pin of the Day: Beautiful No-Mow Yards

Episode 1: "What-To-Grow-Instead-Of-A-Lawn"

It's a hot trend, on many a homeowner's wish list, but it's not entirely easy to go "lawn-free",  especially if you have to remove Bermuda grass! And, then there's the question of what will you replace it with? One option for our Sacramento gardens is native grasses. Deep-rooted, they require less water, and, best of all, they need rarely see the mower! Click thru on this picture for a great review of the book .

Note: this photo is from my "Favorite Gardening Books" Pinterest Board. If you haven't discovered Pinterest, check it out! I love it. A place for all the wonderful pictures, recipes and how-to's I find on the web and a place to share some of my own. If you want an invite to join (at this stage, an invite is what you need), let me know and I'll shoot you one.

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