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Friday, May 04, 2012

Pin of the Day: Flowers You Can Eat

I love this picture for the weathered wooden fence as much as for the sunny nasturtiums, but then, I always love gardens and spaces that make me feel like I'm in the country. Did you know you can eat these flowers? They're a bit peppery ... nice addition to a salad for both taste and visually. Also I hear they're good with a dab of cream cheese. Edibles mixed in with ornamentals is a hot trend ... not only flowering plants that can be used for teas or as an accent (like lemon verbena, pansies. borage and nasturtiums), but also bolder vegetables like artichokes and chard, fruits like blueberries and of course, citrus! Rosalind Creasy has been writing about this for the last 40 years (The Edible Mexican Garden, Edible French Garden, Edible Landscaping, etc.) but it's finally catching hold in a big way. My social media friend, Ivette Soler, has written a best seller that will give you all the info you need to be successful ... The Edible Front Yard.
Note: this photo is from my "Edibles in the Garden" Pinterest board. If you haven't discovered Pinterest, check it out! I love it. A place for all the wonderful pictures, recipes and how-to's I find on the web and a place to share some of my own. If you want an invite to join (at this stage, an invite is what you need), let me know and I'll shoot you one.

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