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Monday, November 18, 2013

Garden Bloggers Fling - A California Kiss

Above the town of Walnut Creek, on the hill overlooking the valley, is a garden that is like a California kiss!

Don't you think so, too?

This landscape has it all ... a place to stroll, a place to putter 

a place to sit and watch 

the grass grow and grow, happy that it needs no mower!

 A place to listen to the sounds of one's own creek ...

and appreciate the sun that makes the flowers so happy!

To look out over the hills and valley with a cow for company!

(Photo credit::
For two hours in July, we get to relax in this garden (I'm in the chaise above!). Fling organizer, Kelly Kilpatrick, (owner of Floradora Garden Design) was one of the designers on this project. Lucky for us!  

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  1. There was so much to see in that oasis on a mountain top. How did I miss the cow???

  2. It was a beautiful garden, and what a view. You've captured its spirit so well.