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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Garden Adventures: Maple Rock Farms in Newcastle

My sister and I ventured up to Maple Rock Farm for their Tomato Fest in mid-August.

It was a hugely popular day. The Sacramento Bee did a feature on it the previous week, and probably more than 2,000 people showed up to see this newest High Hand Nursery creation. I love High Hand - it is truly one of my favorite places, with its beautiful plants, art gallery, wine tasting room, conservatory, forge, flower shop, on, and on. I knew Maple Rock would live up to owner, Scott Paris's creative standards.

We arrived mid-day ... not a good time for garden photos or pictures of the fields and hills beyond, but I did get some pictures of non-living things I liked! And I'm sharing them with you!

 This is a handsome arch that feels like it's been here for years. I think simple stonework like this is not used so much these days. We're more inclined to see fancy pavers and veneers. Intricate patterns. I like this better.

Cute birdhouse sitting atop a post.

This isn't a fancy photo, but it shows something important ... a transitioning from one material to another, a gravel path to a more formal hardscaping.

 Here's another example of mixed materials ... the DG (decomposed granite) inset defines the eating area in this outdoor dining room.

All over the almost 4 acres that comprise Maple Rock, you find creeks like this one meandering along ... they were my favorite!

These window "walls" were my second favorite! These are secured with a metal framework that extends between the stone columns, with seating walls at the base.

Hope these pictures give you some ideas for your garden. If you haven't been to High Hand Nursery, visit some weekend for brunch or lunch (get reservations). The food is great, the environment aesthetic, and the gardens, inspirational!

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