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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tower Theatre celebrates it's 75th!

Not all of life is exciting, but it's often interesting. The leaves have been changing , that's interesting. 

Driving thru the tree canopy on 15th Ave. on my way to Tower Cafe and Theater.

  The Tower turned 75 on Monday. The Bee says it marked the occasion by showing the 1938 film that opened the theater, "Algiers", starring  Charles Boyer (who I never liked). I survey the current movies ... there's a Robert Redford film, "All is Lost" - looks like an action adventure, nail biter! 

A bit of the very large fountain sitting in the front courtyard that is surrounded by benches and palms.

Parking lot botany: Canary Island Palm, Phoenix canariensis

 and, what's this one? Mediterranean Fan Palm Chamaerops humilis

I see a couple of Moorish fountains sitting to the side of the next door, Tower Cafe (known for its french toast and garden setting!). Could they be for sale?!?

I grab a burger to go and head home, noticing the fall color of the trees ... 
 a gingko - I am now officially part of the drive-by media!

Home! My tupelo has just about dropped all its leaves. I am fond of this tree, with its central leader (straight trunk), and its perfect, cone shape. It produces messy blue berries, however ... the birds like them, but you should see my car! 

That's my day! 

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