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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunnyside, Portland

Growing up, I got many opportunities to sing and dance on stage. My mother, after all, was the owner of a dance studio! One of my signature songs was, "Sunny Side of the Street"! (I had a tap dance, too!)
Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep.
Just direct your feet, to the sunny side of the street.
Can't you hear that pitter pat? And that happy tune is your step.
Life can be so sweet, on the sunny side of the street.
I use to walk in the shade, with the blues on parade!
Now, I'm not afraid. This rover's, crossed over.
If you haven't got a cent, you'll be rich as Rockerfella ...
Gold dust at my feet, on the sunny side of the street.
Sunnyside is in SE Portland ... a neighborhood of great restaurants, odd bits and pieces ... a neighborhood with charm. When I visit our daughter, Meg, I love to walk the neighborhood. Some houses and gardens are run donwn, some are experiencing renewal. It all works together.

Sunnyside Porches

Sunnyside Perennials

Sunnyside Trees

Sunnyside Silliness

Three generations of Hansons enjoy each other's company!

The Garden Bloggers Fling will be in Portland next summer. We'll be visiting some world class gardens ... the Japanese Garden, perhaps the classical Lan Su Chinese Garden. We'll see some stellar private gardens, for sure. Maybe we'll go up the Columbia Gorge or head to the coast. One thing for sure, however, Sunnyside will be right up there with them and worth the trip!
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  1. Yes, Portland has some great gardens, and some awesome garden bloggers as well! Looking forward to the next Fling!

  2. I've always loved Sunnyside! This is a great little taste of an unique Portland neighborhood. And there are a bunch more all over the city for Fling attendees to enjoy.

  3. That's one of the things that immediately impressed me on my first visit to Portland...all the great little neighborhoods...and all the different gardens!