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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Lesson from the Fling: Anything Goes!

In any activity there are rules, and there are freedoms. In a garden, the rules are largely scientific. The freedoms - well, in truth, anything goes! This was my overall impression at the opening reception of the 6th annual Garden Bloggers Fling in late June! Garden designer, Shirley Watts, has a small eclectic garden, filled with fun surprises. It is a uniquely personal space, meant to be enjoyed. I took some pictures that I show here, but after you look, go to her professional link at the bottom.

Me poking around - and capturing myself in a mirror

Chandelier with a fancy word billboard section behind it

Fling organizers having a chat in a small patchwork patio

Gabion wall filled with mussels and tillandsia (air plants). 

A charming walkway with carriage lanterns

Vertical metal accents

  This arbor was a popular place for meeting up with old friends!  
(Notice the liberal use of the carriage lights thruout the garden.)
This photo is from Shirley's website

Thanks to Shirley for sharing her lovely garden with us!

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