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Saturday, November 09, 2013

More Lessons from the Fling: Create the Life You Love

What do you see in the picture below? 
Starting from the top, the sky, a flag pole, a freeway exit sign, a hillside, and what's that??? Read on ...

Under the freeway, on the side of a hill, an artist and his wife have created the perfect home for themselves!

Formerly the sculptor, Matt Gil's work yard ... since his marriage to his charming wife, Lesa Porche, it is now that, and much more. You enter streetside and move thru the living room/gallery/kitchen,

out to the balcony, and down the industrial steps to the patio.

 On the way, you enjoy the surrounding, steeply graded hillside that has been carefully planted with low-water plants like this leucodendron 

   and this luscious agave -

 all providing a perfect setting for the artist's work.

The patio has ample room for socializing

 and enjoying more sculpture.

Lesa has a snappy home office 

  and, Matt has indoor work rooms and this heavy-duty outdoor work yard. 

It's really the perfect setting for two creative people! As I visit, I think about my daughters and how they would love to have a space to inspire their creativity. Art is not just about art. Gardens aren't just about plants. The bigger picture is one's life and what one wants it to be. This is my lesson from this garden.

Oh ... and that thing that was on the picture at the top. Well, you can see for yourself! 
It's a flying bone, thank you!

Matt Gil Sculpture
Garden Location: San Francisco
Designed by Dan Carlson of Wigglestem Gardens
You can reach Matt Gil at Matt Gil Studio

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  1. I enjoyed Matt's garden, too, Jeannie, and would have loved to have had room in my suitcase or budget for one or more of his fine sculptures. Happy NaBloPoMo, and thanks for dropping by. I'm just catching up on comments!