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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sculpture in the Garden: The Ruth Bancroft Garden

I visited the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek the first time with a busload of garden enthusiasts ... then as now, there was company no finer! This summer's visit (part of the 6th Annual Garden Bloggers Fling), however, had an added pleasure; it coincided with the garden's annual sculpture show.

We meandered thru the garden on a day that was so hot, my iphone sent me a message, "turn me off, it's too hot! 

Our docent, Larry Einhorn, enthusiastically told us the story of the plants  ... my attention was on the art! 

Some were funny!

Some, serene.

Some about action.

Some about repose.

Some about both.

The website says, "One Woman, One Vision, One Extraordinary Garden". There in the midst of a garden created by Mrs. Bancroft over a period of 7 decades, one can get lost in this world of water-wise plants from around the globe. The well-loved garden's mission is set an example of good garden design using water-wise plants. Such a modest goal for such an impressive garden!

Golden Barrel Cactus, from the website

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  1. It was quite the place. I hate the heat, and I hardly noticed it -- except that the bright sun made taking pictures a challenge. Would have spent thousands many times over on the art, if I'd had any money.