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Friday, November 08, 2013

More Garden Adventures: Potted in Glendale

Last June I headed to LA - and got to stop by the garden accessory store, Potted ("indoor style for outdoor living"). Trendy, hip, modern ... the place is a treat! I don't usually choose modern, urban or mid-century styles ... probably because I've mostly lived in California ranch houses. Garden-wise I tend towards country, old-fashioned and places that remind me of sitting by a stream. But. I find modern arresting and Potted is all that. Since shopping season is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to introduce people to this store. 

 A Potted's "City Planter" would be a wonderful accent for your chic urban dwelling. 
You can use them as a planter only or as fancy place for your house numbers.

These iron spheres also come in aqua, rust, or "your choice".

This string planter looks like it would be a fun to make.
(Here's a tutorial I save on my Pinterest board, "Garden DIY")

Outdoor rugs are a luxury - even this one made of recycled polypropylene! 
Voila!, you've got a room with this Indoor-Outdoor Turkish Rug. 

Modern Trough Fountain
I love concrete and was happy to see they carry this fountain in 4 finishes.
Being me, I thought, maybe I could make it myself! Yea, sure ...

(If I did have an urban garden, it would be fun to create the simple, stunning repetitive looks that show so nicely with sleek, bold lines, like this series of Ginkgo trees underplanted with carex in San Francisco!)

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