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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Garden Adventures: La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs

Two years ago, my husband and I took a business trip to Palm Springs where we stayed at La Quinta Resort. Now a fancy Waldorf-Astoria hotel with a world-class tennis club and surrounded by golf courses, back in its early days it was a quiet hacienda retreat in the Palm Desert.

From the website: "Before it became an oasis of lush gardens, La Quinta Resort and Club was just a 26 casita resort surrounded by the Palm Desert.'

While my husband sat in on break-out sessions, and think tanks (!), I roamed the property... 

Opuntia, prickly pear

I saw plants I loved, 

Mexican architectural details ...

I discovered the casitas (little houses) and stories of the stars,

ate great food

 and went bug-eyed at the fancy cars. 

Too much to say in one post about La Quinta Resort, past and present! I have great pictures of Greta Garbo's house, which being me, I found equally fascinating with the pruning of the bougainvillea! I'll show you some more pictures tomorrow. We'll start with Greta, and also, Frank Capra, who wrote some of the best classic screenplays of the  30's and 40's in his lucky casita, including "It Happened One Night". (Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable ... rent it if you've never seen it. It's great!) 

Ta for now ...

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