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Friday, November 29, 2013

Garden Gifting/Garden Give-Away

I want to give special space to the last part of tomorrow's giveaway ... a collection of 10 organic seed packets in their own cute tin from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden. I love seeds and tins, so I'm hooked. This would be a great item to win, and, an excellent present as well. There are 8 collections in all. (Check them all out: Edible Front Yard, Crafter's Delight, Grandma's Root Cellar and, more!)

"My First Garden, Easy Grow Classics"

While we're on the subject of Peaceful Valley ... here are some of the things I really like about them:

1.   My friend Charlotte (Daffodil-Planter) Germane works there!

2.  Trisha makes all manner of great videos on everything gardening.

3.  They have bare-root fruit trees that will be shipped out in December and January. Most of them are $19.95. (I have a back fence with a slope. I want to terrace it and plant fruit trees along it! THIS year - before the end of February!

4.  They have great resources for DIYers, like goat cheese kits.

 Aurora, the goat, is from Nevada City! I think she's the star of Trisha's goat milking/cheese making video! 

 5.  M-braces Great raised bed system invented by a Woodland teacher. $99 for 4 braces. Just add lumber! 


6. They have a large variety of frost protection products. While this may not seem the sexiest surprise under the tree (!), but, we are coming around to that season where frost snaps can take out your citrus or other marginal plants. And, smart, is sexy!

To see more of the prizes for the Give-Away, check out this post. There's still time to enter ... Give-Away closes tomorrow night!

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  1. Great post! Happy to have found your site via Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply!

  2. I just ordered 10 fruit plants for creating the container fruit orchard from your site. We are renting the place in Sunnyvale, CA and wanted to have my fruit and vegetable garden hence the only choice is container gardening. You have some amazing collection and it tool me entire 3 days to browse the plants before I can select them. First time bare root tree planting so wish me luck - Ruchi Gupta

  3. I also love seeds and tins. So this would be a nice thing to win.