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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Garden Umbrellas!

We're going into the winter umbrella season ...

. but I can't help looking back (and forward) to the other season, the one in my Sacramento hometown, that's known as August! I make myself laugh, but really ... our other warm season months around here are sometimes pleasant, temperate ... sometimes not. But, August? It's just plain hot!!! Gardens dry up. Not a pretty site! That's when you need market umbrellas! Yes, sir! Instant shade! 

This sweet tropical garden was originally found in the pages of Sunset Magazine. I think I could live with this, she said with a sly smile ...

But, even without the gorgeous plants, this last August I was surprised by the magic created by a red market umbrella I just happened to have lying around (actually it was sent to me with the hope I'd mention the sender in a blog post, which I am doing here! It's a fine umbrella, and as you'll see with the link, it's on sale!). In addition to the shade effect, it also added a great splash of color.

Multiple umbrellas are a simple, cost-effective alternative to a more expensive (and permanent) pergola or arbor. ..

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