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Friday, November 22, 2013

Garden Gifting

A few gift ideas for the garden crazies in your life!

1.  A Gift Certificate

Annie's Annuals and Perennials
Now til the end of the year, 15% off all gift cards at Annie's Annuals

2. Boulders

Mid-Valley Rock Yard

May sound really weird, but boulders really bring about the glimmer in a gardener's eye. The bigger they are, the bigger the glimmer! But big also equals heavy lifting equipment. I talked to my friend, Anna Chetcuti, owner of Mid Valley Rock in Sacramento ... she said if the boulders were 2 x 2 they could be managed by the homeowner, larger they needed that heavy equipment. But, what the heck ... see what you like and figure it out. Not as expensive as you might think!

Silverado Building Supply ... getting that glimmer yet?

 3. A Fruit Orchard ...

January and February are the best months for bare root fruit trees. Bare root trees are in their dormant stage (no leaves, not actively growing) during these months, so they're easier to transport and easier to plant, plus, you  get the best selection and the best prices.  Dave Wilson Nursery in Modesto supplies a large part of the trees sold in the California market (including those sold by Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply in both their online and retail stores in Grass Valley.) Good educational material on both sites.

... with a book or two?

Here's a couple I have at home that are great. The first, Fruit Trees in Small Spaces, by Colby Eierman, invites the new orchardist to give it a go, in a friendly encouraging fashion. 

The book covers design, choosing and caring for your trees 

with recipes ... 

and sketches

The second book is a new one, well, newer than that, even. Not even published! So how do I have a copy? Timber Press has sent me a review copy!!! I know, cool, heh? I'm prepped to like it just from the title because it's the 3rd in the uber practical series, What's Wrong with my Plant?, What's Wrong with my Vegetable Garden? and now, What's Wrong with my Fruit Garden? by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth. 

I use to work in a nursery and customers would always come in asking, "what's wrong with my ...?" Sometimes, most of the time, there were numerous answers (guesses). Perhaps if I had been a grower my whole life, I would have had 100% certainty on the cause and solution to the problem. Well, this book drives this ability to your doorstep and says, "Howdy, I'm yours!"

(from the author's blog)
Easy to use, it covers vines like this kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, stone fruit, citrus ... or, as the cover says, "100% organic solutions for berries, trees, nuts, vines, and tropicals."

Sure, you could get a flannel booted bunny bag for watching t.v,. or a makeup kit with 50 shades of eye shadow. Maybe a set of new socks or 7 days of the week undies (my mother's favorite). Or, something I'd (I mean, they'd) really like! Go ahead, I've made it easy for you! 

(from the author's blog)

You're Welcome 

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