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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Green Garden: A Modern Mediterranean Garden Revisited

This is a reposting from August, 2008. I'm focusing on green gardening this month and that led me to thinking about Mediterranean gardens, which do so well in our California climate...which led me back to this post. I hope you enjoy it, it's one of my favorites!

I'm looking for a way to take the '80s out of a ranch house and give it a modern edge, so I stop by the gorgeous High Hand Nursery to see what they have in the way of pots...
Light Blue Urns

These urns would do, but so would the ribbed ones...
Ribbed Urns

...or these smaller ones...
french blue pots

The house belongs to a Greek artist...she needs a more artistic environment, I think...perhaps a sitting area with these chairs from Pottery Barn, where she can have some coffee and a chat with her cats.
Pottery Barn Chairs

I love the look, the crunchy sound, the color of decomposed granite (DG to the trades)...maybe we'll take the grass out and replace it with DG...and surround it all with lovely mediterranean plants like lavenders, mexican feather grass, purple fountain grass, perhaps a hearty shrub rose, purple smoke tree. Maybe there will be some room for a lemon tree.

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