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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Green Gardener: There's Still Time for Bulbs

a Flickr photo by DarkGuru

There's still time to plant daffodils! There are large-cupped, trupet-shaped and petite daffodils...there are white ones, yellow ones and mixed colored ones. It doesn't really matter, they're all pretty. I'd just go to a nursery and buy whatever they have that you like (Home Depot should still have some if you can't find them anywhere else).
Here are a few pointers...
  • daffs like full sun,
  • dig your hole 2x as deep as the bulb (to save time dig a large hole and plant several in it) and
  • plant it pointy end down up. (planting daffs today I thought, "the pointy end goes up!" duh...roots down, growing end up...yep...duh)
  • Give it some bulb fertilizer.
  • After they bloom, cut off the spent flower, but don't cut off the foliage until it starts to's busy making food to get the bulb ready for next year.
  • Enjoy!

daffodils in window
a Flickr photo by Muffet

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